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The Death Of Us (2014)

by Alice Kuipers(Favorite Author)
2.4 of 5 Votes: 2
1443424129 (ISBN13: 9781443424127)
review 1: I am usually not a fan of books written in multiple POVs, I usually do not like books that start off with the end cliffhanger and then start from the beginning. But in The Death of Us, all of the above worked in such a way that made me love this book so much.POVs, or point of views, are always important in a novel and as a reader I always tend to gravitate to one more than another, and that was no different in this novel. Callie was my favourite I think because i was able to relate to her and what she was going through. Having a friend move away and then move back can be hard on friendships and a family dynamic, especially one that has a new baby attached to it. I also liked Callie's voice a lot more than anyone else because she was just so sweet and I felt like she was s... moreo genuine and seriously wanted to fit in. Did she make some bad choices, of course she did but they made her character that much better than it already was.Ivy's character was one that I was not a fan of from the very beginning, and I don't think we are meant to like her. She is the friend that wants all the attention, and hates it when someone steals it from her. I liked her perspective on the story especially in contract with Callie's POV because they were so different. And it showed how different people see the same situation is very extreme ways. Kurt was the last and final POV and I loved his the most because he was in the middle of these two girls, and he knew both of them better than I think either of them thought. Kurt was an interesting character because we only got is POV from the present, where as we got Ivy and Callie's POV from the past. And what I loved the most about this book was the fact that every single one of these characters meant something to the story. Each one affected the other and in the end, each one took part in the end game. And seriously, THAT ENDING! loved it so much!
review 2: I read an advance reader copy of this and really enjoyed it. The sparing, poetic style is reminiscent of We Were Liars by E. Lockhart -- as is the plotline, which combined present-day actions with those of a few weeks before. The three narrators have distinct voices, allowing you to really get to know Kurt, Ivy and Callie. All that said, the action, mystery and suspense will make this a good pick for teens who (like me) will likely be so anxious to figure out all of the mysteries that they'll rush through it in a single sitting. Recommended. less
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I love how Callie & Callie from grey's anatomy have the same name and are both gay
Not at all what I was expecting. Minor issues, but overall very enjoyable.
Whoa. Did not expect that. Review to come.
Review to come.
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