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The Clay Lion (2013)

by Amalie Jahn(Favorite Author)
4.54 of 5 Votes: 4
0615764967 (ISBN13: 9780615764962)
The Clay Lion
review 1: Exceptional "The Clay Lion" by Amalie Jahn is a book that will stay with you for a long time after you put the book down.   Have you ever wanted to go back in time and change something that happened? What if you could only go back one time? How would that change your present?  Charmingly written with characters that you will feel are your own family.  Don't miss out.   
review 2: The Clay Lion took me by surprise. I knew what the subject matter was before I read it and I went into it with the knowledge that it would be sad and bring up emotions inside of me that I do my best most days to keep buried. It was impossible to do that, to keep them beneath the surface, and, as the story went on, I realized that that is the magic of the way that Amalie Jahn wr
... moreites. She tells the story of someone else, but the story belongs to everybody who ever watched somebody they love suffer and swore, "I'd do anything to save you," and then, when unable to do so, swore, "I'd do anything to bring you back." And so, Brooke, the main character in the story, does all she can to keep both promises. But in this work of fiction, as in real life, the events of the story unfold into more than a sad tale of loss. Instead, the story blossoms into a journey of life, interwoven with love and tragedy, and, ultimately, into the acceptance that while things may not always be the way we wanted or planned, there is still beauty beyond the pain and that life and love will always outlast death. Even in the sadness, The Clay Lion left me with hope and the lingering knowledge that no one is ever alone. less
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Great story! I am left with wanting more! Hoping that there will be more Brooke and Charlie!
Once I started to read it, I can't put it down
Review soon.
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