The Boyfriend Deal

The Boyfriend Deal by Charity West

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Authors: Charity West
dared to hope.
    “I really do. I’d have to go to practices, but you could come watch me if you wanted. And of course, I’d have to attend classes, but we’d be together every night. Depending on how I set up my schedule, maybe I’d have Fridays off and we could have a three day weekend to have some fun.”
    “We have time to think about it,” I said. “I don’t want you to pass up a great opportunity because of me. Let’s see how things go with my eyesight, and how well I’m able to function day to day. There’s going to be an adjustment period. I can’t make plans for my future right now, Tyler. If you have to have an answer tonight, I’d have to say no.”
    “It can wait. I won’t be able to hold off the colleges forever, but I can tell them I need some time, maybe even explain the situation to them.”
    I pressed my lips to his then burrowed into him again.
    “Just the fact that you’re willing to make a place for me in your future means a lot to me, Tyler.”
    “There’s no one I’d rather be with than you, Hadley. You’re it for me. From now until forever, I want you in my life.” He smoothed the hair back from my face. “I love you, Hadley. I always have.”
    I squeezed him tighter and blinked back tears. “I love you, too.”
    I don’t know how long we stayed like that, just holding one another, but eventually my mother ran him out of the room and told him he could come back in the morning. I felt like I was floating after hearing those sweet words from Tyler. Despite the uncertainty of my future, everything was right in my world just then.

Chapter Eight
    Hadley came home from the hospital that next day and a week later she had her glasses. I could tell she was self-conscious about them, but she was still every bit as beautiful to me now as she’d been before Alicia tried to kill her. As for my ex, Hadley’s dad had hauled her away in cuffs, and her trial was set for two weeks. I knew there was no way she’d get off unless she used the insanity plea. As crazy as she was, she might actually be able to pull that one off. Maybe she’d end up in the same prison as Hunter. He’d been arrested the day after he’d slashed my tire.
    The halls had been empty without Hadley. She’d only been back at school for a few days, and I knew she was struggling. Everyone was going out of their way to be nice to her though, even Colin. The girls I’d dated and dropped over the years all flocked around her, but I noticed no one dared bring her baked goods unless they came from a shop. Hadley was taking all of her fame in stride, but it was making her uncomfortable. I think she preferred it when she was invisible.
    The cafeteria was packed when I got there, and I saw Hadley was already at a table with Amber. I made my way over to them, wanting to make sure she had everything she needed before I went through the line. Ever since I’d uttered those freeing words—I love you—I’d taken the role of boyfriend rather seriously. Actually, I’d gotten so serious about it that unbeknownst to Hadley, I stopped at a jewelry story the other night and purchased something special for her. Something I was terrified to give her. I’d talked to my parents and hers before doing it, and thankfully, I had their support. If the circumstances were different, I imagine I’d have had a different outcome. But with Hadley needing constant care, I knew her parents were relieved she had me watching over her. And I did it gladly!
    “Hadley, you aren’t eating?” I asked as I noticed she didn’t have a tray in front of her.
    “The line was too crowded.”
    I leaned down and kissed her cheek. “I’ll get you something. Just sit here with Amber.”
    She smiled up at me gratefully and I hurried off to get something for us to eat. When I got in the line, people ushered me ahead of them until I’d nearly reached the front. It didn’t take long to get two trays, one with everything I knew Hadley liked, check

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