The Shifter and the Dreamer

The Shifter and the Dreamer by Crissy Smith

Book: The Shifter and the Dreamer by Crissy Smith Read Free Book Online
Authors: Crissy Smith
Tags: Shifter
    “Katy, I know you’re awake,” he whispered against her ear.
    She took a deep breath and did as he asked. Tears threatened to fall at the soft, worried and scared look on his face.
    “Cameron…” she murmured.
    “ Shh , I know, honey.”
    “I saw… You were…” She couldn’t get the words out.
    “Yes,” he confirmed as he began to rock back and forth.
    “How?” she asked before she noticed the room was full of people. She saw his partner taking pictures aided by her deputy Davis. She kept her focus above ground level to make certain she didn’t see the body in case it hadn’t been removed yet.
    Cameron gently held her chin while he turned her to meet his eyes once again.
    “I’ll tell you everything, I swear. I know you have questions but I promise to answer them. Don’t pull away again, Katy,” he pleaded. “I already thought I’d lost you forever once tonight, please don’t let that happen now.”
    Katy closed her eyes and rested her forehead against his. It didn’t matter what he was. Did it?  
    He was different, like her, but in entirely another way. It didn’t matter. She loved him. She’d sworn to herself that if she made it through, she would fight for him.
    She blinked open her eyes, unable to hold in her tears. “I love you,” she whispered.
    “Oh God, baby!” he choked. “I love you too.”
    He stood with her in his arms. Katy buried her face in his chest, unable to look around. It didn’t matter if that made her weak. With Cameron with her, she felt like she could take on the world.
    It was still dark outside when Cameron carried her out of the building. He walked over to the waiting ambulance and Katy started to object.
    “You took several good blows. You need to go to the hospital,” he cut off any excuse she would have made. He set her on the gurney and she noticed he was naked.
    “Um, Cam?” She chuckled.
    The worry and exhaustion on his face lessened. “Yeah, yeah, I know,” he said. “I’ll get dressed and then I’m riding in with you.”
    Katy watched as he walked to the vehicle he and Ryan had rented. There was no shame evident, but he moved quickly. Both paramedics were looking after him, though. Katy knew the two from her work and cleared her throat.
    The young woman, Stacy, blushed, but Ned, who she’d gone to school with, laughed. “Looks like we missed one hell of a party,” he said.
    Katy grinned. Oh, he had no idea how much he missed. Actually neither did she . Cameron had found her pretty quickly.
    Ryan and Davis hadn’t been too far behind obviously. But how was she going to write this in her report? A wolf jumped through the window? Oh yeah, that would go over well with the town folks.
    She closed her eyes and leant her head against the hard surface of the gurney. So, okay—Cameron was a wolf. Part wolf? And he had saved her. Had he changed back before Davis got there? If so, how would they explain why he was naked?
    She felt a gentle hand on her cheek and opened her eyes. Cameron, fully dressed, bent over her.
    “Let’s get you checked out and then we’ll work through this.”
    She nodded. What else could she do?
    * * * *
    They wanted to keep her for observation. Katy tried to argue with the doctor but between Cameron and Allysa , there was no way she was going to win. She gave up and let them take her to a private room.
    While she was rolled down the hall, she pressed her hand to her head. They had cleaned her wounds, but she still felt the sticky residue from the blood in her hair. She needed to take a shower. She wondered if she would be able to manage at least that when she got into her room for the night.
    The orderly who was taking her for the ride kept talking about all the interesting cases he’d seen since he started working at the hospital. Katy grunted when she figured it was needed since that was all she could manage.
    Her head was starting to get fuzzy. She’d told them no painkillers. They made her loopy and she

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