The Voice of the Night

The Voice of the Night by Dean Koontz

Book: The Voice of the Night by Dean Koontz Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dean Koontz
Tags: Fiction, Suspense, Thrillers
Roy’s house was several blocks north, and Colin’s lay to the south.
    “What time will we get together?” Roy asked.
    “We won’t. I mean, we can‘t,” Colin said unhappily. “My dad’s coming up from L.A. to take me fishing with a bunch of his friends.”
    “You like to fish?”
    “Hate it.”
    “Can’t you get out of it?”
    “No way. He spends two Saturdays a month with me, and he makes a big production out of it every time. I don’t know why, but I guess it’s important to him. If I tried to back out, he’d raise hell.”
    “When you lived with him, did he even spend two days a month with you?”
    “So tell him to take his fishing pole and shove it up his ass. Tell him you won’t go.”
    Colin shook his head. “No. It’s not possible, Roy. I just can’t. He’d think my mom put me up to it, and then there’d be real trouble between them.”
    “What do you care?”
    “I’m in the middle.”
    “So let’s get together tomorrow evening.”
    “That’s out, too. I won’t be home until ten o‘clock.”
    “I really think you should tell him to shove it.”
    “We’ll get together Sunday,” Colin said. “Come over about eleven. We’ll swim for an hour before lunch.”
    “Then we can do whatever you want.”
    “Sounds good.”
    “Well ... see ya then.”
    “Wait a minute.”
    “Someday soon, if I can arrange it for us, you want to get a piece?”
    “A piece of what?”
    “A piece of ass.”
    “Do you?”
    Colin was embarrassed. “Where? I mean, who?”
    “You remember those girls we saw tonight?”
    “At the Pinball Pit?”
    “Nah. They’re just kids. Teasers. I told you that. I’m talking about real girls, the ones in that movie.”
    “What about them?”
    “I think I know where I can get something that good for us, a girl just like one of those.”
    “You been drinking?”
    “I’m serious.”
    “I’m Colin.”
    “She’s got a beautiful face.”
    “The girl I think we can get.”
    “And really big boobs.”
    “Really big?”
    “Big as Raquel Welch?”
    “Big as weather balloons?”
    “I’m serious. And she has a pair of gorgeous legs.”
    “Good,” Colin said. “One-legged girls never turn me on.”
    “Will you stop it? I told you I’m serious. She’s hot stuff.”
    “I’ll bet.”
    “She really is.”
    “How old is she?”
    “Twenty-five or twenty-six.”
    “First of all,” Colin said, “you’ll have to put on a false mustache. Then you can stand on my shoulders, and we can dress up in one suit, just one suit to cover us both, so she won’t realize we’re only a couple.of kids. She’ll think we’re a tall, dark, handsome man.”
    Roy scowled. “I’m serious.”
    “You keep saying that, but you sure don’t sound very serious to me.”
    “Her name’s Sarah.”
    “A beautiful, twenty-five-year-old girl won’t be interested in you and me.”
    “Maybe not at first.”
    “Not in a million years.”
    “She’ll just need some persuading.”
    “You and me together should be able to handle her.”
    Colin gaped at him.
    “You willing to try?” Roy asked.
    “Are you talking about— rape? ”
    “What if I am?”
    “You want to wind up in prison?”
    “She’s hot stuff. She’s worth taking the chance.”
    “Nobody’s worth going to prison for.”
    “You haven’t seen her.”
    “Besides, it’s wrong.”
    “You sound like a preacher.”
    “It’s a terrible thing to do.”
    “Not if it feels good.”
    “It won’t feel good to her.”
    “She’ll love me by the time I’m done with her.”
    Blushing fiercely, Colin said, “You’re weird.”
    “Wait’ll you see Sarah.”
    “I don’t want to see her.”
    “You’ll want her when you see her.”
    “This is all jive.”
    “Think about it.”
    A cream-colored van went by on Palisades Lane. A desert scene, framed in grinning skulls, was painted on the

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