The Coach House

The Coach House by Florence Osmund

Book: The Coach House by Florence Osmund Read Free Book Online
Authors: Florence Osmund
Tags: Fiction, General
been the smallest thing, but it was always enough for me to break it off, and then when I looked back, I knew I never really loved her in the first place.”
    “Even Carmela?”
    He thought for brief moment. “Especially Carmela.”
    He grabbed her gently by the arms and wrestled with her until she fell back onto the sofa, her head landing softly on a throw pillow. “I love you, Marie, and it doesn’t matter what happened between me and anyone else.” He kissed her, and then he kissed her again and again, light wispy kisses that barely touched her lips. The sensation was electric, sending her to some other universe.
    “Yes, dear.”
    “There are things we need to talk about before we get married.”
    “Like what?”
    “Well, children, for starters.”
    Richard turned on the radio and found a station playing Jo Stafford songs.
    Fools rush in where angels fear to tread
    And so I come to you my love my heart above my head
    They talked about children, how many they would have, and in what religion they would be raised.
    Though I see the danger there if there’s a chance for me then I don’t care
    Fools rush in where wise men never go
    “I checked out some homes in Lakeview,” he told her.
    He did what? She frowned at him.
    “What’s wrong? You don’t like Lakeview?”
    But wise men never fall in love so how are they to know
    When we met I felt my life begin so open up your heart and let this fool rush in
    “You checked out houses…for us?”
    “Yeah. What’s wrong with that?”
    “Well…I just think it’s interesting that you’re so much farther ahead than I am in this relationship.”
    He was quiet for several seconds. “You’re upset with me, aren’t you?”
    “No, I’m not upset. It’s just…well, please don’t forget I’m the other singer in this duet.”
    “Okay, you made your point.” He leaned over for a kiss. “How about if we go for a drive tomorrow? To Lakeview.”
    Just open up your heart and let this fool rush in
    Well open up your heart and let this fool rush in
    They talked about finances, work, vacations, and weekend getaways. Being more of a shoot-from-the-hip kind of guy, Marie sensed Richard’s growing impatience with all the planning talk.
    “Is that it?” he finally asked. “Do you have any more questions, my dear?”
    “Just one. Is there any history of mental illness in your family…Mortimer?”
    He scooted close to her and gave her a hug, then pulled her in closer. “That was your last question.” He led her into the bedroom. After they made love, when they were still breathless, Richard suggested they get married the following month.
    Marie sat up in bed. “Richard,” she began. “I’m having a hard time keeping up with you. It’s like you’re going sixty miles an hour, and I’m only going forty-five. I think we should wait another few months or so… at least.”
    He sat up. “Why wait?”
    She thought for a moment. “Because I feel we’re only halfway there in our relationship.”
    “You may only be halfway there. I’m all the way there.”
    She looked at him. “How do you know? What makes you so sure I’m the one?”
    “I just know.” He kissed her on the nose. “Let’s split the difference and do it the middle of February.”
    She couldn’t help but smile. The truth was that she really was more than halfway there, but she didn’t want him to know it. “I don’t know. It still seems too soon. Besides, I don’t even know yet if you’re a good enough lover for me.” She tried to keep a straight face but couldn’t.
    He rolled over on top of her and kissed her. Her heart began to race. She wrapped her legs around his hips. Then he rolled back to his side of the bed pulling her on top of him. He took her hands and clasped his fingers around hers, locking their hands palm to palm. He stretched her arms out to her sides. Her breasts dangled above his chest, her nipples barely brushing up against his chest hair.

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