The Witch's Vampire (New Adult Paranormal Romance) (Mystery Springs Series)

The Witch's Vampire (New Adult Paranormal Romance) (Mystery Springs Series) by Jami Brumfield

Book: The Witch's Vampire (New Adult Paranormal Romance) (Mystery Springs Series) by Jami Brumfield Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jami Brumfield
together. Mistresses come and go. I’m his companion, his sister.” She smiled with a level of pride that made Sophie’s stomach turn. It was obvious Marissa treasured the relationship she had with Giovanni. The connection they shared made Sophie feel uncomfortable, and if she was being honest with herself, more than a little jealous. Regardless, she felt the vice grip on her heart loosen up a bit. It was good to know he was available. But she was sure she was going to make an enemy of the sister of the guy she liked. “If you don’t remove yourself from the door I’ll do it for you.”
    “That won’t be necessary, my dear.” Giovanni opened the door with a very much alive, although slightly beaten, Christopher shackled in cuffs. The nephilim had a few more bruises and cuts on his golden skin, but he was upright and walking, with a little help. Nicolai stood on the other side of Christopher and pulled him roughly out the door once Marissa moved out of the way. “Contrary to popular belief, we’re not monsters, Sophie.” Pain slid behind his eyes for a brief moment, but was replaced with his usual hardened look a moment later.
    “Well, some vampires are, but you aren’t.” Marissa smiled brilliantly. She was one of those women that smiled and brightened the room like a five hundred watt light bulb. Sophie wondered if she’d ever really like the woman.
    Nicolai walked Christopher into the wall beside the door. “Sorry.”
    Sophie glared at Giovanni and crossed her arms over her chest. “Seriously?”
    Giovanni couldn’t hold back the smirk. “He said he was sorry.”
    God! He was sexy when he smiled . Sophie shook her head in an effort to clear her traitorous thoughts, and rushed past him into the room with Tiffany. He followed her and closed the door to the rest of the onlookers for a little privacy. “Sophie.” He snatched her arm in his and pulled her toward him.
    She lost her breath when she slammed against his chest. “Yes?”
    He pushed a strand of her long black hair behind her left ear. “When he threatened you I could’ve killed him which is a big deal for me since the last person I killed was over thirty years ago.” He pulled the long strand back toward him inhaling her honey scent. “By the Gods, you smell amazing. Even now, with anger running through my veins I want to taste you, explore you. You've bewitched me somehow and I'm not sure I can control myself when I'm around you.”  
    Her hand snapped up to the cut on her neck and he chuckled. “Not your blood, although it is intoxicating and I’m sure you’ll taste amazing.” He sniffed the air again, his eyes closing as he immersed himself in her scent. “You smell like honey and dew.”
    Sophie melted into his arms. It was becoming difficult to resist him. “And you smell like pine. You remind me of Christmas.” She couldn’t stop the giggle that left her lips. His words made her swoon, his dark glances made her body ache to be near him. His voice made her feel safe. It was all happening so fast. She was falling over a man she barely knew and it scared her.
    “I’d like you to reconsider my invitation.”
    “Your invitation?”
    “To dinner.”
    “Yes. No, wait. Marissa?” Sophie felt heat coloring her cheeks so she looked down. She knew what Marissa said about being companions, but it made her feel concerned. “You said no games and it seems to me the relationship between the two of you is pretty intimate, despite her quips about being only a sister.”
    “It was intimate at one time, long ago when we were both young and naïve. But we’re like brother and sister now, have been for decades. She still feeds me blood and we talk as siblings, but that is the extent of our relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I’d protect her with my life because she is important to me. I’d think it would make you happy to know I remain good friends with my exes.” He nudged her chin

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