Perspectives, An Intriguing Tale of an American Born Terrorist

Perspectives, An Intriguing Tale of an American Born Terrorist by Jeffrey Shapiro

Book: Perspectives, An Intriguing Tale of an American Born Terrorist by Jeffrey Shapiro Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jeffrey Shapiro
went by without incident and he settled into the routine of a 60 hour work week and the 40 mile trek back to Occaquan, spending the weekend surrounded by the warm love of his little girl and the icy chill of his wife.
    He found out about the severity of the internal investigation suddenly and without warning when he was invited to a technical briefing on a new server. When he arrived at the assigned conference room, it was empty. He looked at his watch to see if he was early and when he saw that he was not, rechecked his PDA to make sure he was in the right place. When he saw that he was, he became suspicious that something else was about to happen. It was a typical agency conference room with a large veneer table with a phone in its center surrounded by 20 chairs. There was a Microsoft projector on the end of the table pointed toward a large white screen that extended from the ceiling. A podium was stuck in one of the corners and an easel with a large white tablet in another. The wall opposite the door was covered with a map of the world, and another had a large white board with a box of dry erase markers and 2 erasers on its tray. Like most agency conference rooms it was perfectly clean without a trace of any prior meeting. The emptiness and quiet was very disturbing, so he thought about leaving and going back to his desk and making them come after him when the door opened and in walked a familiar, but unwelcome, face: James Burton.
    Jonathan was well aware that the agency often scheduled investigative interviews under the guise of something else to catch the suspect off guard and to keep them from running. Jonathan knew immediately what had transpired and felt a little foolish that he had been duped but was most surprised that they would send Burton. He personally hated the man, knowing that he was used with the most severe criminals and that in his path lay a trail of former agents, most of whom had been his friends. James Burton was a big man, both in height and weight, in his early 50’s, Harvard educated, a former secret service agent, always wearing a dark suit with a red tie, always on the offense, bullying and intimidating everyone around him. He had a full head of grayish black hair that was heavily oiled and combed straight back. Jonathan surmised that it was probably the same haircut that he had had in his high school senior picture. He carried a large Styrofoam cup filled with black coffee, and before he sat down, he took a sip and then grimaced as if it was the last cup from a pot that had been sitting all day. Jonathan knew him as a miserable man who enjoyed using his power to bring misery to other people. Burton entered the room with 2 other agents, both acquaintances of Jonathan, Milton Friedkin, a human resources attorney, and Joe Snyder, a computer engineer. Milton looked much younger than the others, even though Jonathan knew he was about their age. He had a full head of dark black hair, layered stylishly, blue eyes and a black moustache without a hint of gray. Jonathan had been in several meetings with him over the years, on various human resource issues, and knew that Milton was PD’s right hand man.
    Joe Snyder was a slight man, about 6 feet tall and no more than 150 lbs. He was mostly bald and had eczema or some skin disorder that put large red welts on his neck and face which Jonathan could see on every bit of exposed skin. Joe wore black glasses that were a couple of generations out of style and a dark suit that matched Burtons’.
    Burton was an imposing figure and carried a black legal briefcase that was so large it looked like a section of a filing cabinet with a handle. He sat down at the middle of the long conference room table, swung his suitcase up to the table letting it slam to produce the proper amount of decibels, so that everyone knew without a doubt that he was armed with evidence and in complete control. He opened his briefcase and pulled out 2 large binders that had hundreds of

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