Fatal Fairies (Renaissance Faire Mystery Book 8)

Fatal Fairies (Renaissance Faire Mystery Book 8) by Joyce Lavene, Jim Lavene

Book: Fatal Fairies (Renaissance Faire Mystery Book 8) by Joyce Lavene, Jim Lavene Read Free Book Online
Authors: Joyce Lavene, Jim Lavene
Tags: Fantasy & Magic, Mystery
“Wait. You’ve got a princess on one arm and a lady squire on the other. I’d say you’re pretty much set. You don’t need me.”
    His laugh was uproarious and a little snorty.
    “You got that right,” Chase agreed. “Of course it all depends on the day. Sometimes I need some space, you know what I mean?”
    “I know.” Dan snorted again. “Are you looking for something fun for the ladies to wear or to tear off you?”
    “We’re looking for information about the fairy that was killed in the fountain.” I felt like I either had to step in or we’d be there the rest of the day listening to Dan laugh about Chase’s love life.
    Dan sobered at once. “Yeah. That was a bad thing. Have you talked to Merlin? I saw him out there right before everyone started screaming. Maybe he knows something.”
    Chase looked at me—not Isabelle. “That’s the second mention of his name. What do you think, squire?”
    I opened the door to the clothing shop. “I think we should go to the apothecary and see what Merlin has to say.”

Chapter Ten
    There was a shaved ice vendor with dozens of tiny bottles of colored syrups as we crossed the King’s Highway near Sarah’s Scarves . I was suspicious right away when Isabelle sent Chase to get her a raspberry ice and said that we would wait for him.
    I waited for him to move out of earshot and got ready for Isabelle’s attack.
    “You shouldn’t be here,” she hissed at me. “Leave now and there won’t be any hard feelings.”
    “That’s backwards. You shouldn’t be here. Maybe if you leave now, Chase won’t break up with you until tomorrow.”
    “You little witch!” Isabelle’s petite hands formed claws as she glared at me. “I knew you wanted him.”
    Of course her rage was a little unimpressive since she was barely tall enough to see my face without getting on a stepladder. If I’d hit her, I would probably have killed her.
    “I don’t care if you know. Chase and I were meant to be together. He won’t be with you much longer. If I were you, I’d go find another knight to hang on to.”
    Back in my Village, when Chase was actually with Isabelle, I would never have said anything like that to her. I was completely surprised when he dumped her for me. I mean, look at her. She seemed to be every man’s dream. I always felt like a clumsy giantess around her.
    But that was then. This was now.
    “Chase will always choose me over you.” She smiled smugly. “Go have a look in the mirror. You can’t compete with me.”
    “Lucky for me, Chase isn’t impressed by all those gilded edges. You being a princess doesn’t mean anything to him. Pack it up. He won’t be in the castle with you for long.”
    “He lives in the castle. Where else would he be?”
    “He’s going to live in the Dungeon when he becomes Bailiff.” I hadn’t meant to go that far with it. She’d goaded me into it.
    We both saw Chase coming back with three ices. I was finished talking to Isabelle anyway, and ready to question Merlin. He probably had nothing to do with the fairy’s murder, but this was a different place. Maybe Merlin was different too.
    Just as Chase reached us, Isabelle sighed and dropped to the ground in an elegant movement that made her silk dress flow out around her.
    Chase handed me the ices and knelt beside her. “Isabelle? Are you okay?”
    She put her hand on his arm. “It’s so hot. I’m just feeling a little faint. Could you carry me back to the castle?”
    “Of course.” He glanced up at me. “Go talk to Merlin and let me know what he says. I’ll meet you at the dressing room after I take Isabelle to her chambers. Thanks, Jessie.”
    So there I was with three raspberry ices and Chase gallantly carrying Isabelle toward the castle. She smiled at me as she put her arms around his neck.
    “Well she’s annoying, isn’t she?” Starshine appeared.
    “I’ll say. Things were going so well with me and Chase.” I handed her a raspberry ice. It was too heavy

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