Kyle’s Bargain

Kyle’s Bargain by Katherine Kingston

Book: Kyle’s Bargain by Katherine Kingston Read Free Book Online
Authors: Katherine Kingston
could reach her mouth with his. The touch
of his tongue on her lips set a fire blazing deep inside. Her stomach went wild
and her pussy clenched with instant desire. Time stopped and the world faded to
a distant murmur outside the bubble of intimacy surrounding them. His tongue
swiped and invaded then withdrew to let his teeth nip at her lips until she’d
all but melted against him.
    When he pulled back, Meg groaned and reached for him again.
He stepped back away. “Much as I’d like to, I hadn’t planned on this tonight. I
know you need to get back and we both have to work in the morning.”
    Meg held her wrist up to the light so she could see her
watch. “It’s only nine and you look like a man who could use a massage.”
    “You’re not on deck until Saturday.”
    “Call it a gift, then. Or thanks. Or just concern from a…a
    “Are we? Friends?” In the light from a lamp pole nearby, she
could see his expression was serious.
    “We don’t know each other all that well yet,” Meg answered.
“But I think we’re becoming friends.”
    A small, wry grin curved his lips. “We’re becoming much more
than friends. But you’re right that we don’t know each other well yet. And
there are things about me that…I’m not ready to share. You might be shocked or
turned off.”
    “How many people have you killed?”
    “What?” Astonishment rang in the word, turning to amused
outrage. “None. Nor, for the record, have I ever robbed any banks, mugged any
little old ladies, kidnapped anyone, extorted money or worked for the mob. I
don’t drive when I’ve been drinking heavily. I don’t actually drink all that
much anyway. I don’t hurt animals or children.”
    “You spank women,” she pointed out.
    “Only ones who want it.” He drew a breath. “I think I’m
going to take you up on that massage offer. You okay with it leading to other
    “I’m hoping it leads to other things.”
    He laughed and opened the car door for her.
    Once at his house, they stopped in the kitchen long enough
for him to pour a glass of wine for each of them, which they carried into the
guest bedroom. Kyle shrugged out of the suit jacket, pulled off the tie and
unbuttoned his shirt while Meg kicked off her shoes. When he removed the shirt,
she got a brief view of his nice chest before he turned and headed for the bed
still wearing his pants.
    Meg said, “Wait. Take it off. Take it all off.”
    He turned and grinned at her. “You want a striptease?”
    The thought made her smile. “Sure.”
    Devilish lights winked in his blue eyes. “I will if you
    “You’re on. But you go first.”
    “We take turns,” he countered. “Since I’ve already got my
shirt off, you have to do yours.”
    “You didn’t do a striptease for the shirt so it doesn’t
    For a moment he looked annoyed then he rolled his eyes,
grabbed the tie he’d tossed aside and wound it back around his neck. Humming a
tune—off-key—he began to march back and forth across the room, slowly unwinding
the tie. It gave her a chance to study his long, lean body and sexy torso. His
broad shoulders and chest bore strong, hard muscles that weren’t heavy or
bulky. He moved like an athlete, with control and determination. Still after a
minute or so of watching him stalk the floor with more irritation than grace,
she asked, “What do you do to keep in shape?”
    He stopped with the tie hanging from his shoulder and
shrugged. “Mostly I inherited lucky genes. But I play tennis and run whenever I
can.” He yanked the tie off his shoulder and swung it around his head, showing
off well-toned biceps and triceps.
    Meg laughed. He glowered at her for a moment then shook his
head, shrugged and laughed also. “Not my best performance?” he asked.
    “Keep the day job.”
    “You’re crushing my hopes of a future in entertainment.”
    “And saving the world in the process.”
    He did a mock wince. “Ouch. That’s cold. So let’s see

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