Rock Chick 03 Redemption

Rock Chick 03 Redemption by Kristen Ashley

Book: Rock Chick 03 Redemption by Kristen Ashley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kristen Ashley
glanced around.
    We were not at the hotel. We were in a neighborhood.
    From what I could tel , a nice neighborhood.
    I looked at Hank. “Where are we?”
    “My place.”
    “ What? ” I shrieked.
    He ignored me and got out.
    I stayed rooted to my seat.
    This is not happening, this is not happening . I chanted in my head.
    My door opened.
    I looked at Hank again. “Take me back to my hotel.” He reached in, undid my seatbelt and grabbed my hand, pul ing me out of the SUV. “I gotta walk my dog.” We were several steps up his walk when I halted, yanking on his hand. “You have a dog?”
    He stopped too and looked back at me. “Yeah,” he said I loved dogs.
    “What kind of dog?”
    “A chocolate lab.”
    I loved labs.
    “I’l wait in the 4Runner,” I said.
    He tugged my hand, pul ing me behind him.
    “Whisky, I have to get back to the hotel,” I was trying to yank my hand out of his. I was trying but not succeeding.
    He ignored me and kept walking to the house. One story, brick, nicely tended yard but you could tel no woman lived there. There were no pots for flowers and there weren’t any festive autumn decorations in sight. I would definitely have put out festive autumn decorations if I lived there.
    I was trying not to think about other things I would do if I lived there when Hank stopped at the door and dropped my hand.
    He unlocked then opened the door.
    A chocolate lab bounded toward us.
    “Oh my God!” I yel ed and crouched low. “What a cute dog!”
    And he was cute, adorable.
    The lab jumped on Hank and he commanded, “Down.” Then the lab stopped jumping and head-butted Hank in the thighs, got an ear scratch and then came at me. He knocked me on my ass on the front stoop and started licking my face.
    “I hope you don’t use him as a guard dog,” I said, trying to scratch his ears as he jumped al over me.
    “I think you can kiss whatever makeup you had left good-bye,” Hank noted.
    I couldn’t help it, I laughed.
    Hank went into the house while I got up and played with the dog and he came back with a lead.
    “What’s his name?” I asked.
    I clapped at Shamus and he came to me and sat on my feet while Hank put the lead on him. The minute the lead snapped into place, Shamus knew the dril and was aching for it. He headed for the sidewalk, snuffling the ground.
    Hank grabbed my hand and we fol owed the dog.
    After half a block, it hit me and I said, “This is not fair.”
    “What?” Hank asked.
    “Don’t play innocent with me, Hank Nightingale. You know what. The dog.”
    Hank dropped my hand and slid his arm along my shoulders.
    Then he stopped, Shamus stopped (though Shamus didn’t want to stop and his “come on you guys” glance over the shoulder said it al ) and I stopped.
    Hank bent, kissed my temple and then his lips went to my ear.

    “You try to be difficult and hard but I can tel you’re soft and easy,” he whispered.
    I jerked my head back and scowled at him.
    “I’m not soft!” I snapped.
    “You cry at commercials,” he pointed out.
    This, unfortunately, was true. Worse, I’d volunteered this information to him, just like the idiot I was.
    “Wel , then, I’m not easy,” I went on stubbornly.
    “We’l see.”

    * * * * *
We walked Shamus on a two block loop.
    Then Hank let us into his house.
    I stood at the closed front door, trying to be obvious about wanting to leave (although I didn’t want to leave, I needed to leave) while Hank turned on some lamps.
    The front door led to one big front room consisting of a living room to the right, dining area to the left, then a bar and set of cabinets that began a u-shaped kitchen.
    It had been redone and looked nice. Gleaming hardwood floors, the kitchen completely refitted with oak cabinets and KitchenAid appliances, deep-seated, cushiony furniture covered in mocha twil and an old-beat up dining room table that looked cool.
    It was (somewhat sparsely, but stil ) decorated

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