Kill Shot
Sauer SP2022s fully
loaded and ready to go. He wrapped a circle of wire loosely around
his hand and slipped it into his jacket pocket.
    Grace was already outfitted with her own
weapons and waiting for him in the bathroom. He turned on the
shower and she turned on the sink. He drew her into his arms in an
easy embrace and ignored the stiffening of her body.
    “What’s wrong?” she whispered against his
    He breathed in the scent of her hair and
couldn’t help his body’s reaction. The adrenaline running through
his veins only intensified it. “I’ve got a bad feeling. Something
seemed off with Kareem. I want to go now and flush out Tussad.”
    “Do you know how to get to him?”
    “Kareem said he’s staying with his sister,
but I don’t believe it. I had Ethan check CIA records before we
left, and it shows Tussad has a brother-in-law and a cousin who own
property in Abadan. The brother-in-law has a wife and five children
under one roof, so it isn’t likely he’d be staying there. The
cousin has been missing for the last eight months, but someone is
still paying his bills. We’ll start there and hope we get
    “How far? Will we need the Jeep?”
    “It’s less than a mile down the road. We can
run it.”
    She nodded and tried to pull out of his
grasp, but he didn’t let her go. She looked up at him with wary
eyes, and the feel of her against him was so right that he couldn’t
do anything but kiss her.
    “For luck,” he said, and lowered his mouth
to hers.
    He kissed her at each corner of her mouth
first before tasting her full bottom lip with the tip of his
tongue. Her breath hitched, and her mouth opened, and Gabe couldn’t
resist the temptation. Her lips were soft and moist, and he groaned
as her tongue gently rubbed against his own. This wasn’t the
frantic mating of mouths from the night before. This was
remembering. And savoring.
    Gabe pulled away slowly, pleased to see the
dazed look in her eyes. He leaned around her and reached to turn
off the faucet, but his body pressed more into hers and she let out
a small whimper. He wanted to whimper himself as she pressed back
against him, but he held back from tempting himself even more.
    She inhaled an unsteady breath before
ducking under his arm to turn the shower off, and Gabe felt the
loss of her warmth immediately. He went to the window and pushed
back the heavy curtains that insulated the room against the hot
afternoon sun and muttered a curse.
    “What?” Grace whispered.
    Gabe pointed to the window and the iron bars
that covered it. They had no choice but to go out the front. He
dropped the curtain and went to the door of their room to listen
for movement in the hallway. His weapon was in his hand and he eyed
Grace as she moved into an automatic position to cover his back. He
unscrewed the doorknob so it fell off in his hand, and the door
opened soundlessly. He caught the doorknob on the outside quickly
before it fell to the wooden floor.
    The hallway was deserted, and he moved like
a ghost through the house and out the front door, Grace shadowing
his every move.
    “Do you think the bars are to keep us in or
others out?” Grace asked as they took cover behind the house next
    “I don’t know, but we’ll assume the worst.”
Gabe pulled out his GPS and looked at their position. He pointed to
the west side of town and said, “We’ll take cover every twenty feet
just to be safe. If Tussad is there, we’ll do whatever necessary to
flush him out.”
    “And if he isn’t?” Grace asked.
    “Then we’ll gather more intel and try again.
I won’t go back on my word, Grace.”
    She nodded, and he closed his eyes, letting
the adrenaline rush through his body, and he opened his senses. The
night was quiet, but that was to be expected of a town so sparsely
populated. The air was cool, and it wouldn’t be long before the
excitement of the chase stopped warming their bodies and they were
left shivering in the desert night.
    They ran

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