Off the Ice (The Penalty Kill Trilogy) (Volume 2)

Off the Ice (The Penalty Kill Trilogy) (Volume 2) by Lindsay Paige, Mary Smith

Book: Off the Ice (The Penalty Kill Trilogy) (Volume 2) by Lindsay Paige, Mary Smith Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lindsay Paige, Mary Smith
whispers in my ear.
    “ I am?” I coo as I turn towards him and the hot water hits my back.
    “ You’re going to pay for that.” He pulls me closer towards him and kisses me. Our tongues dance in each other’s mouths. “You thought you were yelling last night, just wait.”
    He whips me around and my chest is against the shower wall with his chest on my back. I hold my breath in anticipation of what’s about to happen. Levi’s hot breath is on my neck as he nips at me. I love when he bites me. It’s like an electric shock that runs through my body every time.
    “If you want me to stop, I will,” Levi whispers in my ear. “I have a condom on, but we can go right back to the bed and have sex there.”
    I shake my head. “Fuck me, Levi.” My breath is ragged and Levi moans.
    “God, Smarty, I love when you say that.” He pushes himself into me. and my knees almost gave out. I have never felt anything so amazing. I yell his name as he pushes deeper into my core and presses me into the shower wall.
    “ Levi!” I scream. Levi’s hands dig into my hips and slams into me harder. He keeps slamming into me harder as the water sprays around us. I yell his name again as my body releases around him, and I feel his teeth sink into my shoulder. Two more thrusts, and he grunts out my name.
    The hot water and steam fills the shower. He pulls out of me, and I turn around. He places both of his hands on the wall, trapping me in.
    “That was hot, Smarty. I think the neighbors heard you, though.”

Chapter Fourteen
    Tonight, I had two firsts. Shower sex and washing someone else. Watching Presley while I ran a soapy rag over her skin was way more sensual than I ever thought it could be. And then having her to the same to me? I shake my head at the thought, just as there is a knock on the door. Presley still has a towel wrapped around her, and I’ve only got on my boxer briefs.
    “ Who the hell is here?”
    “ I don’t know,” Presley answers.
    “ Get dressed and I’ll go see,” I say, snagging a pair of gym shorts. The knock becomes more incessant after I’ve slipped on the shorts and walk over to the door. Just as I grab the handle, I hear a voice on the other side.
    “ Pres, c’mon. Open the door.” It’s Zack, who sounds a little drunk. “Look, I’m sorry about the other night, okay? I might have been a little out of line. And drunk.”
    I swing open the door, shock taking over his facial features that seems to sober him up a little. “Out of line how exactly?” What was he doing over here, drunk I might add, and why didn’t Presley tell me what happened?
    “ Oh, Levi, hey.”
    Crossing my arms over my chest, I stare at him. “Answer my question.”
    “Levi, who -” Presley begins from behind me. “Zack? What are you doing here?” I’m taking up most of the doorway, so Smarty is standing behind me, peering around on my right side.
    My angry eyes never leave Zack. “He wanted to apologize for the other night.”
    When Smarty grips my arm, as if he said what happened and she’s afraid that I might charge him, I get more pissed off. What the hell happened?
    “ Presley,” I say evenly, glancing down at her.
    “ I want to talk to Presley,” Zack interrupts, lifting a hand up on the door frame to steady himself.
    “ Talk then.”
    “ No,” Presley quickly interjects. “Zack, go home. Did you drive here? Do we need to call you a cab?”
    “ But Pres,” he whines and I roll my eyes at him.
    “ Levi,” she says softly, causing me to look at her. “Will you please help me get him back down the stairs? Maybe one of his friends drove him over. If not, we’ll just call him a cab.”
    “ Don’t talk like I’m not even here!”
    “ Shut the fuck up.” I glare at Zack before looking back at Smarty. “Fine. Let’s get this over with.”
    “ Thank you.”
    Unfortunately, while Presley and I put our shoes on and our hoodies, Zack makes himself comfortable on her couch. Thankfully,

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