Derailed (Terminal Book 2)

Derailed (Terminal Book 2) by Lisa Marie

Book: Derailed (Terminal Book 2) by Lisa Marie Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lisa Marie
“And maybe me?”
    Releasing a sharp puff of air she scrunches up her eyebrows and twists her smile. “And you?”
    “And me.” I nod
    “What are you trying to say, Charter?” She pulls back and smirks at me.
    “I'm saying that maybe you can think about us. Not just fucking.” I lick my bottom lip. “Moving toward something... maybe?”
    “You have something in mind, Des?”
    “I'm thinking my vagina is fucking larger than a fucking whale.” I admit and shake my head.
    “I don't love you, Des.”
    I kiss her hard on the mouth and pull back just so my lips brush hers. “I don't fucking love you either, Lex.”
    She bites her bottom lip and bounces on her toes.
    “Got ants in your pants, babe?” I step back and hold her at arm's length to avoid any further injury from her.
    “I have an idea. Come on!” She runs ahead of me without hesitation to the pier. My limp prevents me from any speedy chases that might come up. Stopping just before the dark that falls below the gigantic playground above, she waits for me to catch up and pulls me under with her.
    “I want you to fuck me hard and fast right here, Des.” Her hands hastily begin unbuttoning my pants. It doesn't take much to get me hard, just looking at her pulling her shorts down over her heart-shaped ass and gripping the support post of the pier while she bends in front of me does the trick.
    “Hold on, babe.” I grab her hips and thrust deeply into her while strangers have fun above us on the Ferris wheel. Just the thought of being watched from the shadows keeps me going. I like to perform for an audience and I always hope I am giving them the best show possible.
    “Harder, Des,” Lexi begs, and it drives me to pound into her harder and faster than I have before. She's moaning and mewling in pleasure and pain as I drive her to her release. Her walls begin to quiver around my cock, egging me on.
    I shudder my release into her and kiss her back. “Fuck, Lex. You never cease to amaze me.” I moan into her back as I pull out and help her pull her own pants up.
    “Right back ‘atcha, Des.” She winks and presses into my body. I wrap my arm around her and together we walk back to the car, smiling like the cat that ate the canary.

Chapter 11
    Landyn hasn't been doing well at all. He's actually fucking everything up and if we don't get this album finished, there will be a lawsuit on our hands and quite frankly I don't want a fuckin’ lawsuit. Evan and Tim have already decided to ship us off to Europe to finish recording, we leave in two days. Ready or not.
    I walk in his front door and see him sitting on the floor with luggage surrounding him and clothes everywhere. Lowering my sunglasses, I turn around the room in awe, mouth dropped open and everything.
    “What. The. Fuck.” I can't believe what I'm seeing. He sits there in exasperation, listless, sad. “Dude, stop being a fucking pussy and go talk to her. Say goodbye.” I walk further into the room and drop my glasses to the coffee table by the stupid fucking couch that I can't pronounce. “We need your head in the game, fans are counting on you. The fucking label is counting on you. Dude... I am counting on you.”
    He looks up at me and inhales sharply through his nose. “I know.”
    For the next hour we talk about the shit we did as kids and our promise that we would live our dream and make something of ourselves. Do something that mattered to us. We don't talk about chicks. We talk about our music and our future. Looking at my watch, I see that it's time to go meet Lexi. I'm taking her to stay at my place for the first time.
    “Gotsta go, Lan.” I stand and pull my coat on. Big day tomorrow. Y'know, packing for a few months overseas and all.” I shrug and offer him a salute.
    “Yeah.” He stands and scratches his chin. “I think I might know a little bit about that.” He chuckles and rubs the back of his neck. “I'm gonna pack up tonight and run a couple of errands

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