Winterbound by Margery Williams Bianco

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Authors: Margery Williams Bianco
I’m so scared of running out of things that I get more than we really want, each time. It’s all right only instead of spending less since Penny left we seem to be spending more,” said Kay ruefully. “We’re going to be awfully short this month when we get everything paid up and I hate to ask for more. She wrote us she had that dentist bill down there and I never told her I paid Mrs. Cummings that extra month. Those forty dollars would just put us right, now.”
    â€œI hope she chokes on them,” said Garry, referring to Mrs. Cummings, not to Penny. “But if she did I suppose we wouldn’t hear about it, so that’s no comfort. I wish there was some way we could make money. The big ideawould be to make more, not to spend less. But I don’t suppose there’s a thing.” She gazed round the room. “Rugs. But they take forever to hook, and then who’s going to buy them.”
    â€œAll New England is full of hooked rugs. That’s no good. I did have an idea, but it never came to anything. There was a man I met last spring and he saw some of my work and liked it, and he thought maybe he could get me some work illustrating. He knows some magazine people and publishers, and he wanted to show them a few drawings I had. I didn’t hear anything for months and months, and I was kind of hoping about it still, and then he wrote me the other day.” Kay paused. “He said they liked them but it wasn’t the kind of work they wanted, and I didn’t know enough about the way drawings have to be made for reproduction. They all thought what I needed was to take a year in illustrating class before I could turn out anything they’d be able to use. He was quite nice about it, and I guess he took quite a lot of trouble, but there it is.”
    â€œKay, what a darn shame! You never said a word about it.”
    â€œThere wasn’t any good. I wouldn’t have told you now, only I hate to be just sitting round at home as if I wasn’t even trying to do anything.”
    â€œYou can draw,” said Garry hotly.
    â€œI can draw, but I can’t draw well enough. Oh, I know all that, but what does make me mad is people wanting to give you good advice and telling you all the things you know for yourself when they don’t even understand your circumstances. I know well enough what I ought to be doing, but I just can’t do it. I need to work and study and see things, and maybe go around and talk to publishers myself, and learn a whole lot I don’t know, but you can’t do all that from up here.”
    â€œWhy can’t you go to town for a while. I can look after things.”
    â€œIt wouldn’t be any use,” Kay shook her head. “I’ve just got to wait, that’s all. I don’t know why I have to spill all this on you, except that I can’t help getting sore sometimes when there’s such a lot I want to do and no chance of doing it. I think everybody ought to be selfsupporting by the time they’re nineteen, and look at me!”
    There was a tap at the door. Neal came in.
    â€œGood morning. Did I break up the meeting?”
    â€œNot a bit. We were just having a ways-and-means committee.” Kay bundled the slips back into the table drawer.
    â€œYou’re lucky, at that,” Neal grinned. “We can't evendo that over home. We got the ways, but we ain’t always got the means.”
    Garry laughed. “Neither have we, always. How’s Shirley?”
    â€œBetter. She’s cutting out paper dolls on the sofa. Mary wanted to know could you spare us a little coffee, ’cause I won’t be gettin’ down to the store till around supper time. And I thought I’d just take a look how your woodpile was holdin’ out. I guess there’s likely to be a cold snap coming on most any day, now.”
    â€œMore snow?” Kay asked.
    â€œIt’s banking up for that, by the looks

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