Mina's Heart
grazed the tip of her clit, and it felt different from those few times she’d tried to play with it.
    A shock of pleasure ran up her belly. Her legs moved farther apart, and her hips lifted in offering. Mina didn’t know where her body was getting its directions from, because she wasn’t in control of anything. She gasped. “There. Yes. More. Harder.”
    He circled his finger a few more times, increasing the pressure with each pass. She pumped her hips to his rhythm, chasing more of this wondrous feeling.
    He eased his hand away, and she whimpered at the loss. But she understood what he meant to do. She lifted her hips to help him remove her skirt and panties. He pushed her legs wide open and settled between them. She felt so exposed. This way, she knew he could see every inch of her. For long moments, he did nothing, and she knew he was looking at her. He’d said he was visual, that he liked to see her.
    Then he settled over her body and plundered her mouth with his tongue. This was different from before. He wasn’t taking his time, easing her into passion. He was taking his due, demanding her unconditional and complete surrender, which she gladly gave.
    Once he seemed satisfied with her submission, he moved back down her body, tracing every inch of her skin with his large hands. This time when he shouldered her legs wide apart, she didn’t think to resist. She had no modesty where he was concerned. In that moment, she belonged to him.
    His hot tongue stabbed at her clit, taking up where his deft finger had left off. She moaned and murmured his name, which just seemed to feed his fire. He closed his lips around her nub and sucked it into his mouth. The little bursts of pressure had an edge of pain, but it felt so unbelievably good. She wanted more.
    “Oh God. Like that. Holy shit, that feels good.”
    She felt his smile against her pussy, and the vibrations of his chuckle triggered a tide so intense it threatened to swamp her. She cried out in ecstasy at the same moment he pushed a finger into her vagina.
    Nothing had ever been in there before. She’d never even used a tampon, because her mother had told her it would hurt and she’d bleed for days. Ever’s finger didn’t hurt like she thought it might. There was a small tearing feeling, but the pain she’d expected didn’t come.
    The feel of his tongue and lips distracted her from even that little bit of nothing. She decided that if her mother was wrong about the pain, she was wrong about the bleeding. It wouldn’t be the first time her mother had told her something outrageous, like when she’d convinced her that very small children operated stoplights because they were the only people who could fit inside. This had come after learning about children used as chimney sweeps, which had been true, so Mina hadn’t questioned her mother's admonition.
    She dismissed it and forgot about it completely, and Ever found a spot inside her that made her entire body feel like it was on fire. She wanted to tell him to stay there, but she lost the ability to form words. Set adrift in a dark sea, she felt it sweep over her, and she screamed as it took her under.
    EVER LOOSENED HER cuffs before he headed to the bathroom to wash his hands. When she’d confessed to having no experience with oral sex, he thought she’d just never trusted a man enough to let him go down on her. As he washed the small bit of watery blood from his hand, he realized she’d never let a man touch her at all.
    He vaguely remembered the last virgin he’d dated. He hadn’t slept with her. Her lack of experience had nothing to do with his decision. He couldn’t sleep with a woman unless he had strong feelings for her. Simple attraction wasn’t enough.
    Even the woman who’d claimed his virginity had been experienced. Now that he understood the stakes, he was determined to take this slowly. She had obviously decided to save herself, and he was determined that her first time would be special. It

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