Cowboys-Dont-Dance by Missy Lyons

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Authors: Missy Lyons
because of her. She wasn’t an idiot. She'd gotten herself into this mess, she'd get herself out. Maybe he'd keep her on as his mistress?
    Dump that. No way She wanted it to be all or nothing when it came to Jesse, and Angela wasn’t sure she how she would go on without him in her life.
    A tall, leggy blonde in a red cotton blouse and skin-tight jean shorts frayed at the bottom, strutted across the patio on four-inch heeled sandals and stopped next to Jesse. Angela’s heart did a flip-flop and her tummy rolled. Lydia had arrived in all her gorgeous glory.

    * * * *

    Jesse’s skin crawled at the sound of Lydia's voice in his ear. Her high pitched chatter sounded like fingernails on a blackboard. Jesse ran a hand over his waist. The hackles on the back of his neck rose and itched.
    Lydia threw her arms around his neck and kissed him on the mouth. “Oh, I missed you so much, baby!”
    Sure, she did. He wasn’t stupid. She didn’t even want his body.
    She couldn’t stand to make love, said it was too messy even when he used a condom. All she seemed interested in was his land, money, and a wedding ring. She wasn’t the first gold-digging bitch he’d run into over the years, but she sure was going to be the last.
    He had made a point of not inviting her to the barbeque. The woman had a lot of nerve. Couldn't figure out when she wasn't wanted. His mom must have invited her. From her perfect hair to her polished toes, Lydia wasn’t dressed for a family barbeque. Her whole outfit yelled trouble with a capital T.
    Her designer shirt, worn over a revealing, overpriced tank top screamed Abercrombie and Fitch. Her shorts showed off everything.
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    Cowboys Don't Dance
    Cut in the Daisy Duke style, they bared a hint of her round butt cheeks and long lanky legs.
    Lydia's suggestive clothes didn’t affect him in the least. He couldn’t be tempted now because it was Angela he craved. Compared to Angela, Lydia was a cold, calculating bitch. She used her body like a black widow spider snaring the male spider into her lair so she could mate and kill him. The last time he slept with Lydia, she’d laid there and stared at the ceiling. He couldn’t imagine being married to her for the rest of his life, but apparently she could imagine herself as his wife. Dream on, lady.
    He tried to be nice to her during the breakup—but apparently nice hadn’t gotten through to her. The only reason he put up with Lydia on a friendly level was because her father had business with him and their ranches were adjacent to each other. Jesse had to keep up the appearance of friendship or lose the water rights Lydia’s father continued to let him use for a small fee. He needed the water or the two thousand head of cattle on his ranch would die.
    Jesse shook his head. He had to consider Angela’s feelings.
    Ah, Angela, beautiful, perfect, and oh so sexy. She was his heart and soul’s desire.
    He never wanted to hurt her.
    Which is why this was such a sticky situation.
    Lydia continued to manhandle him until Jesse couldn’t stand it any longer. He pushed her away gently, but firmly.
    “Aren’t you happy to see me, Jesse?” Lydia pouted. “What’s wrong?”
    Jesse tamped down his flaming anger. He wrapped his hand around Lydia’s arm. “Nothing’s wrong. I’m happy to see you, but I think it would be better if you went in and helped Millie bring out the food. The meat is going to be ready in a few minutes.”
    “I can only think of one piece of meat I’d like nibble on.” Lydia’s phony purr set Jesse's teeth on edge.
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    Missy Lyons and Cherie Denis
    Jesse turned to search for Angela in the shadows. When he spotted her he called out, “You about ready to eat, Angie?”
    “No. I don’t want to be a third wheel.”

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