A Beauty to His Beast 2: An Urban Werewolf Story

A Beauty to His Beast 2: An Urban Werewolf Story by Natavia

Book: A Beauty to His Beast 2: An Urban Werewolf Story by Natavia Read Free Book Online
Authors: Natavia
with them.”
    My parents and Goon came back into the foyer. “I’m all tired out, and I didn’t even see the whole house,” my mother said, rocking Kanye in her arms. The twins are very spoiled; even the pack brothers spoil them. I was surprised at first how attentive they were with them after I first had them.
    I wonder if there are any drugs in here. Oh God, my daughter is in danger. Akua looks like a criminal. I bet he is the ring leader. She should’ve stayed with Jason. What happened between Jason and Kanya ?  My father thought.
    Goon looked at my father like he wanted to hit him, and the pack brothers shook their heads because they heard his thoughts too. I was beyond embarrassed; they’d been welcoming since the moment he arrived.
    “Kanya, can I speak with you for a minute?” Goon asked me.
    “Is everything okay?” my father butted in.
    “Yes, Mr. Williamson, I would like a word with my fiancée in private, if that is alright with you,” Goon spoke, sternly.
    “You two are engaged? Congratulations! Did you hear that, honey? Akua will be a part of the family,” my mother said to my father.
    Like hell he will, over my dead body , my father thought. I got up then walked out of the family room into the hall.
    “Who is Jason?” Goon asked me.
    “You damn right I’m serious. Who the fuck is he, and what does he have to do with you?”
    “He’s my ex-boyfriend that I had been with four years. I found him with another man. After he broke my heart, I went celibate for a year, and then I met you. I have no connections with him, but he and my father are still cordial. My father doesn’t know that Jason is gay.”
    “Your father is very disrespectful. We have been generous to him since the moment he walked his short ass into our home. I’m not taking too kindly to that.” I knew this wasn’t going to be a good idea. My father felt like Jason and I were better off. Jason came from a prominent family, while my father thinks nothing of Goon.
    “He is very protective over me,” I said to Goon.
    “Is everything alright?” my father asked, walking into the hallway.
    “Yes, daddy, I’m fine. Akua and I are just talking if that’s okay with you,” I said to him.
    “Jeffery, leave them alone. We didn’t come here for you to patronize anyone. Don’t you start this mess again,” my mother spat.
    “I’m just making conversation, Stephanie,” my father responded, walking back to the family room.
    “I’m sorry about that, Akua. Some fathers are very protective over their daughters. In Jeffery’s eyes, Kanya is still his little girl, and this all happened so quick. You two had babies, and now you are engaged,” my mother said.
    “I understand, Mrs. Williamson,” Goon replied.
    “If he bothers you, let me know. I will kick his little ass,” my mother said then walked away.
    “I see where you get your attitude from,” Goon said, laughing.
    “I’m going to start dinner,” I said, walking into the kitchen. Goon grabbed my hand. “Wait a minute. You just going to leave me with your father like that?” he asked me.
    “He has a Napoleon complex. Pay him no mind,” I laughed, walking off.
    “Hey, beautiful,” Goon called out to me, causing me to smile. I loved when he called me that; it still gave me butterflies.
    “Yesssss,” I sang.
    “I’m going to scare his little ass before the night is up. I’m just warning you now. I hope he doesn’t piss in the middle of the night,” Goon said, walked off.
    “Arrogant asshole!” I shouted.
    Two hours later…
    We all sat down at the dinner table laughing as we feasted on steak, rice and vegetables. My father seemed to be more interested in Elle, as they talked throughout dinner.
    “So, Akua, where are your parents?” my father asked him.
    “They’re in Africa,” Goon answered, before taking a sip of his cognac.
    “You said you are from Egypt, correct?”
    “I believe I have mentioned that before,” Goon

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