Mutilator from the Grave

Mutilator from the Grave by P M Thomas

Book: Mutilator from the Grave by P M Thomas Read Free Book Online
Authors: P M Thomas
    Copyright © 2015 Shan's Horror Films
    All rights reserved.
    ISBN-13: 978-1519656230
    ISBN-10: 1519656238
    Based on a story by Alex Wesley
    Nothing could stop his love, not even death.
    Nothing could stop their love, not storms, nor beasts, nor men themselves. Their love was built on a concrete foundation, held sturdy by their own unconditional emotions felt so strongly towards one another.
    Ever since that fateful day, a monumental event in both their lives that changed everything completely, not one iota of their existences was ever the same after it, after the groundbreaking effect it had on both of them, neither wanted their lives back to the way it once. How it was now could only be called: perfect.
    They remembered that day like it happened yesterday, it was an unforgettable chapter in their lives, one they reminisced about with much true fondness, they spoke about it often in their most intimate moments together, in their private quarters, under the harmonious sheets in their loving nest, after making love for the third time.
    It was a vibrant spring day, the remains of winter were dwindling away with every passing second, the grey skies were an afterthought, the thick blanket of snow that enveloped the ankles had melted into puddles evaporated by the return of the sun.
    It was a side of Russia many outsiders did not know of, many assumed it was a land gripped in endless snow and blistering cold every day of every year, they couldn't have been more mistaken. It was graced with its fair share of splendour and warmth as well, and this day of all days was its pinnacle.
    The trees were receiving their first sprouting addition of leaves that would soon cluster all over the once barren branches.
    Flowers were standing erect with their freshly bloomed petals opening up to be blessed in the light of the sun's brilliance.
    Newborn birds were announcing their birth unto the world, letting it known that the beginning of a new season was afoot.
    The plants and the animals weren't the only things blooming that Spring, there was another beautiful gift of nature flowering on the emerald green fields, one that could not be seen but felt within, a small word with the grandest meaning in any dialect: love.
    They had met by pure chance, it was an unforeseeable act of spontaneity. Neither of the two lovers could have predicted or planned meeting their other half, or know that such a person existed until they saw it with their own cloudy eyes.
    That day, in the hallways of the exact same university they were both studying at, it all began with the starry eyed and shy young woman with long hair of black velvet with the innocent face that could have belonged to a living angel on earth, with a heavenly name to match her visage from the heavens, Indria, was racing to get to her next class.
    In her haste, she had stumbled over her own shoes and dropped her bag, spilling all her contents over the floor.
    It was there, at that precise instance, the warm eyed, dashing young man with short shaven hair, and a five o'clock shadow with a face showing that while he may have been rough looking on the surface, he was smooth on the inside.
    She would soon know him by his name, a name that sent her heart rate to skip multiple beats and still did when she said or thought of it: Victor.
    Victor politely assisted in helping her gather every last one of her books and stationary equipment, she greatly

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