Immortal Blood (1)

Immortal Blood (1) by Ramz Artso

Book: Immortal Blood (1) by Ramz Artso Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ramz Artso
Chapter 1
    I could tell he was a sorcerer the moment he walked into the club. The scent of his magical blood tickled my predatory senses almost instantly. Andreas, who was a close friend of mine, grew aware of my sudden excitement and yelled into my ear, his unique voice barely audible over the beat that reverberated off walls and drowned amongst the sweaty bodies crowding the flashing dance floor, ‘A redhead, you favorite type, I believe.’
    I responded by taking a sip of vodka from my half-empty glass. It did very little to quench my developing thirst.
    I could try luring him into a dark alley, but sorcerers were much harder to trick than your usual Joe . Besides, they were dangerous, too, especially nowadays. We were officially at war with one another, after all. So no one ever let their guard down. Well, at least tried not to.
    ‘You can give it a try,’ Andy continued, ignoring the two brunettes he had picked up before our arrival here. The mere mention of having a VIP table in New York’s best nightclub had been enough to interest the two. Well, there was also Andy’s charm. Women could rarely resist him, men never resisted me. ‘I’ll cover you.’
    I shook my head, before saying, ‘You stay here. I want this one all for myself.’
    ‘Don’t want to share tonight, I see. You greedy girl.’
    ‘I want every single drop for myself .’
    With those words, I joined the moving swirls of people, quickly picking my way to my meal, whilst trying to attract as less attention as possible.
    Much to my surprise though, the magician was already moving toward the exit, using a very cute smile to fight off some severely drunk bimbo.
    Impressed by his handsomeness and therefore even more thrilled than before, I licked my lips in anticipation of his fresh blood and followed suit. I tailed him out the noisy entrance, down a crowded sidewalk and into a dark alley, where he exchanged a few words with a homeless old man before handing him a single dollar bill.
    ‘Spare some change, young lady?’ he said in a shaky voice, as I passed him by.
    ‘Get a job,’ was my curt reply.
    My prey disappeared behind a corner, but I could still hear his footsteps as he walked sluggishly to meet his bitter end.
    Steeling myself for a kill, I glanced up down the desolate street.
    Now was the perfect time. No witnesses, no police and no danger.
    Moving with the velocity of racing bike, I bared my canines and focused my eyes, which were usually brown but turned purple whenever I was hunting, on his delicious neck.
    That was when it happened.
    A bright flash of red light blinded me for all of two seconds, but it proved to be more than enough to pin me down on my back. At first, I couldn’t understand what had happened, but then it dawned on me: I had walked into a trap.
    The homeless man and the redhead were working together. I was now at their mercy. And everyone knew that there was no such thing as mercy between the two warring sides.
    ‘Looks like we’ve bagg ed ourselves another one,’ the old man announced somewhat too cheerfully. And then added, with rare disdain, ‘It also looks like you’re not gonna be taking any more innocent lives, sugarplum.’
    ‘To hell with you,’ I spat back, unable to believe my own stupidity. I had always believed I was smarter than my actions had just shown. ‘If you’re going to kill me, just get it over with, scum.’
    ‘Don’t worry, sweetheart, you’ll get what’s coming to you!’ He produced a gnarled dagger from the depths of his tattered rags. ‘Sleep tight.’
    ‘Wait a minute, Sigurd,’ the redhead said, raising his hand. Sigurd, so the old man was the genie and the boy his master. That explained the former’s inhuman strength. ‘Can’t you see she’s a Jonsdottir?’ His green eyes were focused on my medallion which bore the crest of my ancient, noble Nordic house. ‘What’s your name?’
    ‘Screw you, sorcerer!’ I hissed through gritted teeth.
    The genie smacked me

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