Tear Down These Walls

Tear Down These Walls by Sarah Carter

Book: Tear Down These Walls by Sarah Carter Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sarah Carter
talk to you later.”
    “Bye Teagan.”
    “Bye Victoria.”
    Pulling back out of the lot into traffic, Teagan shakes
her head and sighs.
    Pulling her hair back into a ponytail, Teagan wraps a
band around it.  “There, that should do it,” she states, smiling at
    “You put your hair in a ponytail….really Teagan? I mean,
aren’t you trying to impress the guy?” Victoria scoffs.
    Teagan rolls her eyes at her friend. “We are going there
to learn self-defense moves, not get a date.”
    “I am going to see this man candy you were talking
about,” Victoria quips. “What reason do you really think I am going?”
    “Do you know what happened to me!? Dear lord girl,
hopefully it never happens to you!” Teagan yells back at her friend, her voice
a little louder than she anticipated.
    “I own a Taser,” Victoria sighs.
    Teagan stops. “Really?  Do you carry it with you
all the time?”
    Victoria looks up at the ceiling. “I don’t even know
where it is.”
    “Oh, that will do you a lot of good then. Be serious
about this. We need to learn to protect ourselves,” Teagan emphasizes.
    “I get it. I get it,” Victoria finally gives in. “We
will go and learn to kick ass. Though, I don’t know why you put on make-up and
a cute outfit if you are only there to learn some moves.”
    Teagan smirks. “A girl can look attractive at one of
these things.”
    “A girl can look cute to win over the hot instructor,”
Victoria replies. “Don’t think you can pull one over on me.”
    “We will see,” Teagan says, looking back in the mirror.
    “No matter what, you’re a bombshell,” Victoria declares.
“He would have to be blind not to notice you.”
    Taking one last glance of herself, Teagan states, “That
doesn’t matter. We should get going. You know how I feel about being late.”
    “Come on girl, let’s go meet your super hero,” Victoria
    The girls do not have to drive far before they arrive at
the big, white building complex that houses the dojo, a nail salon, and a pet
store. The dojo is large and lit up brightly. Teagan and Victoria stop at the
front door. There is a chill in the air, much like the night of the attack, and
Teagan can’t help but shiver at both the temperature and the memory of what
happened to her. Letting out a deep breath, Teagan says, “Let’s do this.” She
opens the door and they walk in. Looking around, Teagan doesn’t see Trent, but
there is a group of women standing around a mat. “I guess it’s over there.”
    “Where is the sexy teacher?” Victoria whispers.
    “I don’t know,” Teagan murmurs back. “Let’s go put our
stuff down.” Victoria nods, and they go over to the far side of the mat, where
there aren’t as many girls. Teagan slides off her red, fleece-lined jacket and
sets it on the floor. 
    “This is the place isn’t it?” Victoria asks.
    “Yeah,” Teagan answers. “Come on, let’s go stand with
everyone else.” She nudges her head, and Victoria follows her over there.
    There are two girls around Teagan’s age standing next to
them. The one giggles and says, “Wait until you see this guy.”
    “I know, I can’t wait!” The other one snickers back.
    Teagan looks at Victoria and rolls her eyes. “Obviously
we are in the right place.”
    “Maybe you should text him and make sure,” Victoria
teases. “Let him know you are waiting in anticipation.”
    “No,” Teagan laughs. “Shut up. I am not texting him or
calling him!”
    “Come on, you know you want tooooooo,” Victoria draws
    “She doesn’t need to. He is right behind her,” a deep
voice says.
    Spinning around, Teagan gasps. Trent is standing there,
with a half grin. She smiles, “Hey!  I made it!”
    “I see that. I am very happy that you came,” Trent
replies, gesturing toward them.

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