Let Me Love You

Let Me Love You by Amy Davies

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Authors: Amy Davies
to do, because it seems to me that you are still dealing with some issues from the dark times?” I wipe the tears away and smile at Sam.
    “You have been a star Sammy, a total rock star. I haven’t told a lot of people about what happened, my family and Cassidy know and that’s about it. Thank you so much for understanding and for not making me feel like a victim again. I really want to be with James. I haven’t wanted to be with anyone as much as I want to with him. After today I really think I could move forward with him, but I know that I still have some issues that I need to deal with.” Sam hugs me and offers to take me out to dinner with him and Carlos after work. The rest of the day goes pretty fast, as I only have a few bookings. I’m looking forward to meeting up with Carlos and Sam after work; I need to unwind after the past events.
    It’s Tuesday morni ng and I have the day off. This is why I’ve woken up with a slight hangover, proving that I enjoyed my evening out with the boys. I head to my bathroom and have a nice hot shower to wash away my headache and aching muscles from all the dancing we did last night. A memory runs through my head of last night and I laugh to myself. Carlos and Sammy like to dance; they wouldn’t let me sit down. I remember being in a ‘Carlsam’ sandwich as they liked to call it- me sandwiched between Carlos and Sam. They really helped to make me forget what had happened yesterday and the past week. I brush and dry my hair and get dressed. Scarlett is sitting on the living room floor with her birthday party plans spread out all around her. She’s on the phone yet again, sorting through every detail. I join her on the floor, flicking through all the papers and forms. While Scarlett is on the phone, it gives me a chance to call Cassidy. I gather my phone out of my bag. Cassidy answers on the third ring, “Hey, Talls! You okay, babe?” My hearts swells at the sound of my best friend’s voice; she sounds happy which makes me happy.
    “Hey Cass, I’m good. How are you feeling? Still getting the headaches?” She has been suffering with them since the accident; the Doctor said it was common.
    “I’m getting there, one day at a time Talls. I’m not getting them as much as I was, which a good thing I guess is. How’s work? More importantly, how’s Mr Wilde?” I thought about what to tell her, should I lie not to upset her or should I tell her the whole truth? I haven’t spoken to James since he left the studio yesterday afternoon.
    I was glad in a way , as I didn’t know what to say to him. “Work is going great. I went out with Carlos and Sam last night; had a tad too much to drink.” I went silent, but Cassidy didn’t leave the gap in chat for too long.
    “And? … Don’t leave me hanging Talls, give it up. What happened? I need a night out.” I look at Scarlett, who is deep in her conversation on the phone.
    “Hang on Cass, let me go outside .” I walk out to the front porch of our house and sit on the top step. It’s a good thing we live in a very high security gated community, thanks to my dad.
    “Ok ay, don’t freak because I haven’t told you before today, okay?! Promise me, Cassidy.”
    “I promise now … Spill Missy .” I take a deep breath and close my eyes.
    “I almost had sex with James last week…” Cassidy cuts me off .
    I pull the phone from my ear. “YOU WHAT? And why exactly am I only now hearing about this?” I cut her off this time.
    “You promised , Cass!”  I can hear her sigh on the other end of the phone.
    “I’m sorry Talls, carry on .”
    I sigh , “Everything was going good but I stopped him and told him everything about Dean. I told him I understand if he walks away.”
    “Di d he, I mean, did he walk away?” She asks.
    “Not at first, we talked a little more and we tried again. Oh Cass , I really want him. He makes me feel safe and sexy at the same time.” I look down at the step just beneath me.
    “So why not at

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