The Spawn of Hate
chick and threw her towards Nick. H e was already in the process of blasting me and she caught the full brunt of it. I followed as she slumped to ground and caught Nick right on the nose. Ronnie was still looking stunned but I could see him coming out of it. A quick glance around the room let me see it was a two on four. There was Nick, the flying chick, the teleporting chick, and some guy with what looked like armor plated skin. I was sure I couldn’t fight all of them, but I sure in the heck was going to try. I hated bullies. I connected with Nick’s chin and he went down. I turned to see the armor plated guy knock Nick down with punch and started to kick him. I grabbed a lamp and went towards the guy when I saw the one chick vanish. I instantly stopped and swung the lamp as hard as I could behind me and connected on the side of her head. The good thing was that she slumped immediately. The bad thing was that I broke my lamp. I threw the pieces on the floor and started towards the guy kicking Ronnie, who was now watching me and smiling, like he knew I couldn’t take him. I drew back my leg planning to kick him in the knee when a familiar feeling rushed over me.
    Unfortunately that familiar feeling was of electricity and I knew the person behind it was Nick. I fell to the floor where the armor guy proceeded to stomp on my fingers. I could hear the bones break.
    “Wait Dylan, this fag is all mine.” I could hear Nick say, “Go get Chloe, we are going to need her here in a bit.” Nick walked over towards my still twitching body and broke my nose with a kick. Him and the armor guy took turns beating the heck out of us while Nick blasted us whenever the paralyzing effects started wearing off. Even the fly girl got in some pretty good licks when she recovered. Fortunately blackness took me while this was going on. My last thought as I blacked out was not of death, but that I really should have minded my own business.
    I started coming to while hearing voices. I remembered what had happened but decided to keep my eyes closed.
    “Chloe hurry up, what is taking so long?” I could make out Nick say and he sounded scared.
    “I don’t know, I’m trying he just doesn’t heal like the rest of you .” I could hear a female voice say that must have been Chloe.
    “Well his bruises are almost gone but he still hasn’t woken up” I could hear another male voice say. “We are so dead, we are so dead, we are so dead.”
    “Stop crying Dylan we will figure something out” I heard Nick say.
    “I need another break” I heard Chloe say.
    “Another one, how many breaks are you going to take? ” I heard a female voice say I. “It’s almost time for school we don’t have time for you to take another break.”
    “He is not waking up because you killed him” I heard Ronnie say. “All of you did and I am going to tell. The principal will kill you all.”
    I then heard a smack. Judging from the way Ronnie ended his talking, I guessed he was the recipient of it.
    “Stop hitting him Aria, I don’t know I could heal him again with the way I’m feeling.” I heard Chloe say. “Besides, he can’t be dead, dead people don’t breathe.”
    “Well if I am going to die because of him, he is going before I do.” I heard a female voice say.
    I figured playtime was over. I did not want them to hurt Ronnie anymore and I sure didn’t want them hurting me. I groaned I little and rolled over on my side. I didn’t feel any pain at all, but I guessed it was best not to let them know that.
    “Finally” I could hear Nick say relieved. “You got a little taste of what happens to people who cross me. You don’t have a mark on you so nobody will believe what happened here. My homework better be done by tomorrow or I will be back.”
    I started whispering something real low under my breath so he could barely hear.
    “What are you saying?” Said Nick as he crouched down lower.
    I whispered again and waited until he put his ear directly

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