Spin the Bottle
head and tossed it to the floor. Lil barely had time to admire his sculpted chest and abs before her gaze was drawn to the action below his belt. In seconds, his fingers had the button popped and zipper down. Bending, Mac yanked off his shoes and tossed them aside before standing and shoving his jeans down. She sucked in a breath. The boxer briefs he wore moulded his flesh like a second skin, and the damp patch surrounding the tip of his cock showed her how aroused he was. Add the obvious—and impressive erection—and Lil had no doubt Mac wanted her as much as she wanted him.
    Lil got to her knees and crawled towards him. Her nerves were on edge. Anxiety raced under her skin with longing close behind. It was the wanting that gave her the courage to move. To go after the only man who’d ever made her yearn with such desperation. She laid her hand on his chest, splayed her fingers wide and soaked up his warmth. The golden hair dusting his pecs tickled her palm and she savoured the jolt of lust that surged to all her pleasure points. Each breath she took pulled Mac’s scent inside her, branding her soul with ease. She’d give him anything he asked, but she knew he wouldn’t ask. If she was going to get what she wanted, she’d have to push him until he couldn’t say no.
    With startling clarity, Lil realised that’s exactly what she’d been doing. She’d poked and prodded the sleeping bear until he’d come after her. He’d chased her for months. She knew that. Knew that even with all she’d done to taunt him he still had a grip on his control. It was time to break that last hold. Sliding her hand down Mac’s stomach, Lil pushed beneath his briefs and wrapped her fingers around his cock.

Chapter Six
    “Lilli.” Her name exploded from his mouth on a rush of air. Blood surged into his groin, filling his cock with urgent need. Another breath hissed through his teeth as Lilli stroked her hand down to his balls and back to the tip. She swept her thumb over the crown and spread the bead of precome oozing from the slit in a slick slide across his straining flesh. Fuck. Every muscle quivered with unleashed desire. Years of pent-up emotions bashed against the walls he’d erected, threatening to break free. Mac clenched his jaw, his back teeth grinding together with brutal force. He couldn’t afford to lose control. Couldn’t allow his desperate need free reign.
    She stroked him with her delicate hand and he couldn’t resist the urge to glance down—to see her skin moving against his. His sac drew tighter with each slide of her fingers, each squeeze, and he knew no matter how much he wanted to watch her touching him, he was too close to the edge to continue to do so. Mac closed his eyes and let his head fall back to make sure he wouldn’t catch sight of her carnal caress even if the temptation to raise his eyelids proved too great. He sucked a breath in through his nose and was slammed with the scent of her. Not the delicate perfume she always wore but the unmistakable aroma of arousal.
    He knew the smell. It had coated his fingers twice before. Breathing deeply, Mac pulled in another dose of Lilli. She surrounded him. Inside. Outside. She touched him everywhere, and he was struck by the undeniable urge to touch her in return. All of her. But most of all, he wanted to touch and taste the heart of her where her heat and flavour and scent were strongest. Opening his eyes, he raised his head and looked at her once more. Reaching down, he grabbed her wrist and held her still.
    “Enough.” He pulled her hand from his cock and nudged her backwards. “My turn.”
    “But I hardly got—”
    “Later.” Mac wrapped his hands around her waist, lifted her off her knees and laid her on her back. “Scoot your arse to the edge of the bed.”
    Mac helped her move to where he wanted and, slipping his fingers into the elastic sides, tugged her underwear down her thighs. Saliva pooled on his tongue as the neatly trimmed dark hair

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